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About the Raw Milk Issue

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ ) has finally released a discussion paper on its long awaited review of domestic dairy processing standards which currently ban the production and sale of most cheese made from raw milk.

Hard cooked European cheeses such as Parmesan, Gruyere and Emmenthal have long been granted exemptions from these standards based on the fact that they undergo a high temperature step in production, and more recently a special exemption for Roquefort cheese was granted after a long and expensive court battle and subsequent FSANZ review.

The current re-assessment of the standards follows the precedent created by Roquefort, and the two applications ( A 530/531 ) lodged in February 2004 by Will Studd.

This review does not necessarily mean that the ban will be lifted, and there is a lot of domestic resistance to change.

It has taken twelve years of lobbying to get to this point, and its very unlikely another review will be undertaken for another decade.

If you care about good cheese please make a submission to FSANZ as outlined on page vi of the enclosed documents.
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Without a choice on the production and sale of raw milk cheese in Australia we will never develop a genuine cheese culture, or experience the authentic regional flavours of cheese enjoyed by our counterparts overseas.

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